The Davidson County Education Foundation (DCEF) is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the enrichment of educational opportunities in Davidson County, NC. Our mission is to provide and support innovative programs that benefit the students of the Davidson County Public School System. DCEF was established in 1992 by local school supporters led by businessman Bernard H. Thomas who served as its first president. DCEF is an organization whose Board of Directors is comprised of local school supporters who volunteer their efforts on behalf of the students and staff of the Davidson County Public School System. Innovative programs include the Bernard H. Thomas Student Leadership Academy, STARS - Students Teaching and Reaching for Success Academy, Teacher Mini-Grant Program, Endowed Scholarships and Project Potential Scholarships. To support all of our programs, we sponsor an annual 5k walk/run, "RUN FRIENDS RUN", held in the fall on the beautiful campus of Davidson County Community College-Thomasville, NC. Mark your calendars to join us!

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Honor a School Employee - Become a "Friend of the Foundation"!

Want to participate? Why not honor a past or present school employee: superintendent, district office personnel, principals, teachers, assistants, counselors, bus drivers, cafeteria employees, custodians, etc.?

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Teacher Mini-Grants

Teacher Mini-Grants are designed to give teachers and students extra learning opportunities by providing extra materials or experiences related to the academic curriculum. Mini Grant criteria require projects to be closely aligned with North Carolina’s Standard Course of Study. Our sponsors are very important to this program and DCEF appreciates their continued support and generosity for this program.

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The images from the DCEF Run Friends Run, 2016 are available for you to view and download at: 2016 PHOTO GALLERY Click on the link above “2016 PHOTO GALLERY”. Click on “Enter the Gallery”. Clicking on an individual image will enlarge it, using the right and left arrows on your keyboard will move you from

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