Valerie Feezor is Awarded Principal Mini-Grant

The 2018 Harris Family Principal Mini-Grant was awarded by Cathi Smith to winner, Valerie Feezor, principal at Central Davidson High School.  The Davidson County Education Foundation partners with the Jim and Evelyn Harris Family to present a Mini-Grant to benefit Principals of the Davidson County Public Schools.  Ms. Feezor will use the $500 award to attend the NCPAPA Fall Instructional Symposium.

Cathi Smith, right, presents Principal Mini-Grant to Valerie Feezor

Valerie is constantly pushing to the next level.  In recent years under her leadership, Central Davidson has implemented a freshmen academy, trained teachers in walkthroughs of peers’ classrooms, and received extensive training in how to raise the level of rigor in the classroom.  “I feel this conference will not only inspire me and renew me as an administrator but will also allow me to find ideas from other schools and districts that I could apply in our school” said Ms. Feezor in her application for this mini-grant.

Ms. Feezor expects to share her symposium experiences with her school improvement team, leadership team, department chairs, and positive behavior and interventions support team.  Further, she says “Our school is currently focused on implementing a multi-tiered system of instruction that will meet the needs of all learners.  I’m hoping from this conference that I am able to bring back strategies to implement both in the school and classroom to support our struggling learners.”

Our sincere thanks to The Harris Family for their generous donation and continued support toward DCEF and the Principals of the Davidson County Public Schools.