Mini Grants

Each January-February, DCEF starts accepting applications and sponsors 8 (one to each feeder of Davidson County) $100.00 Student Mini-Grants in grades 4-11.  This grant money will assist students with their community projects to purchase supplies, food and needed materials to help create student led enterprises, that give back to their school or community. They have until August to complete and have school counselors sign off on the completed project.

  • DCEF administers the selection process through applications provided by DCS teachers, Media Specialists, Counselors, Students, Asst. Principals, and Principals.
  • Each proposal is carefully evaluated for its correlation to the required curriculum, realistic goals, and benefit to students, clarity, and reasonable budget.

Who can Apply:

All classroom teachers, media specialists, and guidance counselors in the Davidson County Public School System are eligible to apply. Please contact the DCEF Administrative Director, Laura Koonts at (336) 905-0976 if you have any questions.

How Are Recipients Selected?

All applications received by the due date are reviewed by the DCEF Mini-Grant Committee and Board Members. Applications are evaluated for innovative and educational nature, realistic goals, benefit to students, clarity, and reasonable budget. After further evaluation by the sponsors, the recipient is selected. A surprise presentation in the teacher’s classroom will be arranged through the school’s principal. Recipients will receive $200 and a congratulations letter. No money will be allocated for a personal honorarium tot he applicant.

Photos: Photos taken at presentations should be emailed to [email protected] to be placed here on the DCEF website.

Teacher, Media Specialist, and School Counselor Mini-Grants

DCEF $300 Teacher Mini-Grants are designed to give teachers, media specialists, school counselors, and students extra learning opportunities by providing extra materials or experiences related to the academic curriculum. Mini-Grant criteria require projects to be closely aligned with North Carolina’s Standard Course of Study.

Mini-Grants are awarded to teachers who propose innovative and educational projects with realistic goals, direct benefit to students and a reasonable budget.

Mini-Grants are awarded on a rolling basis.  When a teacher, media specialist, or school counselor sees a project for a student for which they would like to receive funding, please submit an application right away.  The application will be considered immediately, and funded on a first come, first served basis.

Download the Teacher Mini Grant Form below and then email them to [email protected] :

Assistant Principal Mini-Grants

DCEF Assistant Principal Mini-Grant for $200.00

Davidson County Education Foundation is honored to establish an Assistant Principal’s Mini-Grant to benefit all Assistant Principals of the Davidson County Public School System.    We encourage Assistant Principals to participate in conferences and seminars by making funds of $200.00 available.   The goal of the Mini-Grant program is to improve the quality of personal development, which will benefit all students of the Davidson County Public School System.

All Assistant Principals in the Davidson County Public School System are encouraged to apply. More information and application form:

Download the Assistant Principal Mini Grant Form below and then email them to [email protected] :